Friday, May 2, 2008


My aunt told me the Wi-fi access was 10 bucks at this hotel. I silently scoffed in derision. What place would charge for something that could be gained for free at the nearest McD's or any of the 5 Starbucks locations within a stone's throw? Turns out this one does. Hmph. I found another connection. After all, I had to update my blog. I'm tired, though, so I'll just post a few of the pictures that I was able to snag from the moving train.

Nifty method of travel, the train, but it's time-consuming. It has its perks, though, like leg room. No seriously, I took a picture to prove that there's still such a thing in contemporary methods of transport.
And this next one I just thought was nifty. Can you spot the smoke against the clouds?

If the clouds weren't a tip-off, last night saw a lot of storms and bad weather. Lots of rain, but a smidge late for April showers, methinks.

You see a lot of these in the Midwest:

Finally, we got here, where I will be for two hectic days before going off to another big city:

Wanna play a game of "name that skyline?"

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Shay said...

The stripey chimney has to be Joliet.