Friday, May 9, 2008

Multimedia Friday: Cover the kiddies' ears for this one...

I've decided to share my music again. The song I'm going to share is one that never fails to put a grin on my face.

I became a fan of Against Me! courtesy of Their music resides on the punk-folk spectrum, and vocalist Tom Gabel's got one of those gravelly voices I seem to like. They've got a healthy dose of politics in many lyrics, but they're also able to have some fun.

The song I'm sharing is "Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners." I love the extended metaphor within the song; it's not about X-rated activities, per se. Here are the first few lines:

Everyone's a critic, but hey, they really respect your talent.
Have your manager call my manager, and we'll make records together.
At this level of success in entertainment, there are certain connotations.
It's a "you give, we take" relation.
No, the kids wouldn't understand it.
If you're interested in hearing it, I've uploaded it in mp3 format here. Again, comment if taking. And if I get absolutely no response or indication of interest, I'll discontinue my experiment in pir sharing music.


Scrivener said...

I'm downloading it now. I've been more in a pop and/or folk mood these last few days, so dunno if it'll click right now. But I'll let you know what I think.

Have you listened to the Jamie Lidell album Jim by any chance? I'm really digging it.

chiya said...

I'm going to download it now :)

Haha I like my pseudonymity too.