Thursday, May 22, 2008


Because I am in the mood to show off, I'll post pictures of one of my current (and most ambitious) projects. Previously, the biggest thing I've crocheted was my cape, which hits my shins and has about a 5-foot width by the bottom. My other projects were smaller things--baby blankets (the great thing about them is that I can start out with no intended recipient, and someone will be preggers by the time they're done), scarves (small, portable, funky yarns, and fast to work up), potholders and dishcloths (simple and functional, but boring), a recycled plastic bag tote (great way to recycle and start conversation, but harder on the hands)... I think that about covers it all. I'm only talking about crochet projects here.

This project, though, is more ambitious.

I'm making a blanket for a friend who's getting hitched this summer (one of 'em, anyway... must be something in the water). I figure the colors are common enough in decorating for it to be both functional and perhaps even fit with whatever decor they may have.

A closer shot; sorry for not thinking in putting a beige blanket against a beige couch. Oh well. Heh. View the pic in full size and you can see the few cat hairs my cat contributed, and I believe, one of mine.
I think I'm about 20 rows from being done with the thing. Lucky for me it's still cool enough in the evenings, 'cause this sucker's warm.

Next on the agenda: a video tape tote bag (my co-workers thought I was joking about finally putting those exercise tapes to use), a latch hook rug, learning to tat, and if I get desperate, I can always pull out the cross stitch project that I haven't completed in over 10 years...

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Robert said...

You crocheted your own cape? I have to admit, that's just cool. Nice post.