Friday, August 29, 2008

Pop quiz

Which of the following student behaviors in English class within the last two days are most likely to earn the wrath of a certain instructor?

a. Chatting via Facebook in an otherwise quiet classroom where the only audible sounds are the instructor's voice and the clattering of keys
b. Sitting in the front row directly in front of said instructor and surfing Facebook
c. Visiting quite animatedly with one's fellow students while the instructor is talking
d. Continuing to chit-chat after being shushed multiple times throughout the class session
e. All of the above

For the record, re: c. and d., the offending students have one-on-one tutorials with me next week, whereupon I shall warn them that if they continue to yammer in class, they shall find themselves separated, a maneuver I generally hate to resort to at the college level, and indeed, should not have to, having apparently held the mistaken expectation of some semblance of maturity or at least respect.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

I always find it amazing that students will continue to do c and d. And then I'll be in a roomful of moms and see them doing the same thing. A-ha! Perhaps the education needs to start at home!