Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grammar silliness

My response to an article on punctuation on Salon was somewhere between rolling my eyes at the silliness of the discussion and reveling in the innate geekiness of the subject matter. In the end, the dry humor wins out over the absurdity of the initial question: "Is the semicolon girlie?"

This had me smiling:

Catherine Price: I'd never really thought of punctuation as gendered, though I suppose the wink of the semicolon could be considered more girlish and coy than the straightforward, masculine em dash.

Tracy Clark-Flory: Clearly, men find the em dash a reassuring phallic symbol, while the semicolon reawakens their Freudian castration anxiety. What better way to cope with penis envy than to make frequent use of the semicolon?

Stick with the article for the last line; it had me cackling. And note my use of punctuation in the preceding sentence.

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Joseph Lupoli said...

Great nic you've got! I guess I'll call myself a pitifully under-educated intellectual...LOL