Friday, August 1, 2008

Multimedia Friday: Flobots

A ways back, my friend told me about a band. "I think you'd like them," she said. "They're kinda political." The the Flobots are political, yes (their debut album is called Fight with Tools, and it's a call to fight the injustices that exist), but more than that--I'd never heard a combination of hip hop and violin before.

Now, their first single, "Handlebars," is all over the radio. It's cute and catchy to start, but it builds to a dark ending, and I hope its overexposure doesn't blunt their message or, over time, their originality. (As an aside, blast you, Universal Music, for disabling embedding of your videos. Hint: embedded videos link right back to the original Youtube video...)

Pfft. I liked "Stand Up" better, anyway. The violin really adds to the music here, and the lyrical content is a bit stronger. See for yourself.

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