Saturday, March 8, 2008

Now THAT's hot

Once again, a headline from Yahoo news has caught my eye: "Men who do housework may get more sex."

Forget the feminist movement and its struggles; news like that alone could do wonders for the ongoing struggle for gender equity. (Did that sound cynical? I'm more amused than anything else, among the reasons being the fact that the name in the byline is a man's--it kind of explains the spin.)

If you think about it, it's a win-win situation. Women don't have to come home to a house that's just as chaotic as she left it in the morning, and men get, well, laid. Seriously, there's nothing more aggravating than the frustration I see in many women over the fact that while they may be out in the workforce, they still shoulder an unfair burden in household tasks.

And there's not much sexier than an intelligent, well-read, handsome man . . . with a feather duster in one hand and the declaration that dinner is ready and waiting. Oh, yes.

Damn, that mental image is. . . uh. . . almost pornographically hot.


William the Coroner said...

That's as may be. It is also true that men and women tend to have different neatness rules, and what bothers one (usually the distaff of the species) doesn't bother the other one whit. Not that I don't know any female slobniks, I do. In my observation (and yes, N+1) the women enjoy the control of the neatness too much to relax and give it up.

Thoryke said...

I don't even _want_ a man in my personal life, and I think the image of a smart man who's prepared dinner and cleaned up the place is hot!