Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thanks, Bill Gates

To preface this post, I enclose a portion of a transcript of a gmail chat with a friend from back in August. We had just been discussing Windows:

Raye: VISTA=EVIL!!!!
me:'s OK
It's so locked up
that it won't edit the registry saying that I DID indeed register photoshop. So that EVERY time I run the program, that nag box pops up
10:00 AM /unless/ I right click the prog every time and say "run as admin"
me: yeah, it takes a bit of excessive clicking sometimes
Raye: ><;
10:01 AM I shouldn't have to tiptoe around my own computer
oh it makes me SO mad
if I could, I'd uninstall it and go back to XP
me: so, how do you really feel about it?

I was (rightfully, I think) amused by her ire. I'd had Windows Vista for a few months, and I found it mildly irritating by spells, but overall, not too annoying. (Then again, I don't use much more than a small handful of programs, and in a fit of Vista denial, set it to look just like the old Windows format.)

Now, the honeymoon phase has worn off. I was a bit irked by Vista's hypocrisy in requiring prompts to install and run programs I specifically initiated but booting my computer without prompting to install updates. It was a timely reminder to save and save regularly.

But today, I was caught somewhere between frustration and amusement. Here's why:

In case you missed any of the advertising, one of the features of Vista is supposedly its better security. I am relieved to know that should anyone attempt to commit random acts of anti-virus protection on my PC, they will be thwarted, or at least, delayed. Thank you, Bill Gates. I can sleep a lot easier now.

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