Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Check this out

I got my 1,000th hit last night/this morning. Nifty.

Interesting factoid? The last search string before hit #1,000 was "overeducated sex." Other recent strings included "downfall of the English language" and "graduation angst." Another string was "how to make any twit fall in love with you book" (hint: I am not just "any" twit, and I do have standards, FYI.)

Or how about "zombie kill chop off head"? (In case the book backfires, maybe?)

One of my favorites is "tyranny of morning people." (Start a night owl's revolution, comrade, and I'm there.)

And sometimes people ask questions I don't think this blog can answer: "WERE DO SNOTS COME FROM?" or "Why don't I care about anything?" or the ever-enduring "What planet do freshmen come from?"

Here's a sneaky way to get more hits, if you're so inclined: toss little bits of song lyrics into posts. Or whole songs. Or poems. Or excerpts from books. But mostly, the song lyrics will bring in Google searches. A few strings: "hold our breath and go down with just one last kiss to rest," "dark colors fill the sky drenched the boat," "three cheers for tyranny, unapologetic apathy," and countless variations on "you're so cold but you feel alive."

There tend to be trends in search strings; around Veteran's Day, I was getting hits pertaining to the Tim O'Brien "How to Tell a True War Story." And then, a couple months back or so, I got these strings in the span of about a week, from Delhi: "overeducated is possible for a job from wikipedia," "Essays of overeducated for a job," "essay on it is possible to be overeducated for a job," and "composition on it is possible to be overeducated for a job."

I couldn't trace all these strings back if it weren't for Feedburner. Sitemeter is all fine and dandy, but it only goes back 100 hits. And the other advantage of Feedburner is that it sometimes registers hits that Sitemeter, for whatever reason, doesn't catch, and it notes how many people subscribe to in a reader and interact with content. So, my hit count lags from time to time, but at any given point in time, anywhere between 6 and 12 people are interacting with content via readers. Cool stuff; I'd have put the estimate at about 5 if left to my own devices. . . I guess there's no accounting for taste ;).

So, thanks for visiting and reading and commenting, folks. It's been a fun ride so far.

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