Monday, January 14, 2008


So my last post was negative in tone. I wouldn't say my funk has lifted, but I have a reason to be happy, or at least momentarily diverted by teh shiny.

While poking around the playground that is, I stumbled across some info for something called PandoraFM; I bookmarked it and forgot about it (quite a common occurrence, actually), then re-discovered it today. What it is is an amalgamation of two of my favorite websites: (The Music Genome project) and Using this nifty site, you can play tracks on Pandora and have them scrobble to your profile.

Exciting stuff.

There's a lot of overlap between the music both sites have recommended to me, but I would say Pandora is better. While some features of the music I like are relatively genre-related, like punk or hard rock roots, other qualities of music I like are less genre-locked, such as vocal-centric aesthetics or aggressive male vocals or emotional delivery or angry and/or political lyrics. Based on these qualities, the site sometimes recommends music of another genre that still has qualities I like. I can bookmark favorite songs, and sometimes at the expense of repetitiveness, Pandora will play loved tracks, which is something you have to be a subscriber on to access. Because the tags in are added by users, they tend to be very genre-specific or even downright inaccurate. But scrobbles, so it has a record of my listening, even when I listen to CDs on my computer. I mean, come on, can't beat that, can you?

Actually, you can. It's called PandoraFM, and I expect to be listening to a heck of a lot more music on Pandora now.

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