Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sight seeing, Twit-style

We went down to Tourist City for a few days. I'll just call it "Tourist City" because it sounds more charitable than "City Where Everyone is Trying to Sell You Something." Er, slightly more charitable, at any rate. Around every corner is a sales pitch, a promise of a bargain--with a catch, of course. Everyone knows there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Saw a few shows. Would've taken a few shots, but they were all quite anal about cameras and such. That's OK; they haven't yet been able to prohibit pictures of the sights I most enjoyed.

There were lots of these by the sides of the roads and around the hotel grounds.
Most of the time, I don't register the sky. It's just... there. But I saw some of the most gorgeous clouds against brilliant blue skies. After I'd finished taking this shot outside of a restaurant, a couple informed me that they had gotten me in a picture and would be taking it with them back to the Philippines. So if I ever go there for a visit, I "might be famous."
Another sky shot, on the hotel grounds. See what I mean about the sky?
And lastly, a glimpse of a lake that I could not access because of fences and DANGER signs. If not for the tell-tale electric wires, you could almost fancy it a long-lost jungle scene. With a bit of imagination, of course--work with me here.
I've always loved the idea of travel, of seeing new places and trying new things. But the fact remains: I'm a homebody at heart. I've got a purring cat to welcome me back, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Coming home is always the best part of travel.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to guess where on earth you are judging by the pictures... and having no luck so far...

Scrivener said...

I was also trying unsuccessfully to figure out what touristy spot this might be.

I really like how in that last shot the clouds are blown out enough that the electric wired just disappear as they cross them. Very cool effect.

Simple Blog Writer said...

One thing I miss about living in the midwest is the BIG SKY. I just don't see enough of it here.

Great shots.