Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All hail Murphy

Ol' Murphy seems to pervade every aspect of life, even those aspects we otherwise designate as times and places for relaxation.

Example: the bookstore.

The Twit, if you must know, like many a misguided youth who's been lured by the siren call of reading, has a book stash that borders on small-library-branch-worthy. Sometimes she makes an attempt to rein it in, wrangling stray books and neglected titles into a bag or box to be sold to the used bookstore.

This brings us to Murphy's Rule of Bookstores #1:
The day one has finally mustered enough self-control to rid oneself of a significant number of books is the day that the used bookstore stocks the shelves with books that will sorely tempt that self-control and threaten to undo the progress made.

And Murphy's Rule #2:
The day after one has acquired a long-sought book is the day the used bookstore has said coveted book in stock.

Am I missing any rules here, bookish folks?

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Shay said...


#3. The day after you give up looking for the book that has that one reference taht you desperately need, and go out and buy a new copy, is the day it appears under a stack of unironed clothes.