Friday, July 25, 2008

Committed; Or, that old familiar madness

I now have my schedule for the fall semester nailed down. I'll be teaching two different courses at two different campuses, for a total of four classes. I'll be teaching remedial English at one, and Comp. II at another. The dept. chair at the community college sounded delighted to hear that I was willing to take on two sections; previously, I'd said I'd pick up one class. Strange folk, they seem to like me there. And my evals were solid (should post some highlights from those someday. Remind me).

I was convinced seven months ago that teaching was driving me mad; now, I'm thinking I should just roll with it. Embrace the insanity, for without it, I am... er, also mad but in a less constructive way. I was looking over the course material the other day and experienced a sensation I believe psychiatrists call "euphoria" (or, alternately, "delusion"). I'll be back to shaping young-ish minds into whatever shapes I desire writers into, I hope, better writers and more critical thinkers.

Lord knows I don't do it for the pay. I'm certain it won't take me long to start running on a major sleep deficit. Undoubtedly I will become peevish as another weekend goes by where I have to forgo amusement for grading (if the classes remain full, there will be 86 students; that means approximately 75 papers, I think, depending on the level of slacking). Clearly, I am just shy of madness.

But at least there will be blog fodder, right?

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