Saturday, April 12, 2008

So generous

April 15 is almost here, innit? I suppose I should actually take that last step between filling out my copy of the form and submitting it electronically, shouldn't I? It just needs one more once-over.

I followed all the instructions and think it should probably be accurate (though seriously, if they want to audit me--half the 2007 year is grad assistant wages, half is adjunct wages, and throw in some very part time hourly pay as a tutor... enjoy the windfall, Uncle Sam). What threw me off was the surprise at how much money they'd be giving me back this year--more than I've gotten back in previous years, though of course, that's in part because I've made more in the last year than before. And then, this thought--

Hold up. I'm getting excited over getting back part of the money that was taken from my paycheck to begin with?

What a generous Big Brother I have.

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