Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun with flora and fauna

On second thought, that title sorta reminds me of this Sinfest comic. I, ahem, do try and keep this blog PG rated.

No, what I have are decent, wholesome pictures of flowers. Yes, more flowers.

I love this tree/shrub, though again I don't know what it's called.

These violets dominate about half the back yard...

...and the other half (and front) is dominated by these lovely yellow wildflowers.
I mean, they're flowers, right? Quite hardy, they are--my sort of flower.

It's yardwork time, and I couldn't be happier--I came in the house with mud on my pants and under my fingernails. And bug bites. And sneezes. Yay seasonal allergies.

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Simple Blog Writer said...

I don't know about this...plants in the spring time seem quite X-rated to me. Very sensual and exotic and all about sex.

Your photos are fun. I'm planning to take some today in the park and post them (provided they turn out...never a given). I don't know if my blog can handle more tree photos, but I'm going for it.

Keep on!