Monday, April 7, 2008

Rawr! Or, Take THAT, Monday!

I don't, on principle, like Mondays. The alarm is just that much louder, that much more irritating when it comes on the heels of a couple days off. Even though I adore my Monday colleagues, the Monday-ness still overshadows the day. So I decided to do something about it this morning. I found the secret to taking the teeth out of a Monday.


Bad ass boots and a cape.

Oh, yes. Who knew it could be so simple?

I decided on a skirt today since the weather is nice. A skirt naturally calls for boots. And I don't take my boots lightly, mind you. My boots are bad ass. For one thing, most of them have buckles. Buckles are by definition bad ass. The ones I wore today are the ones my dear mother once dubbed my dominatrix boots--three inch heel, knee-high, decorative buckles on the side boots. Not boots you want to mess with. The perfect boots for kicking Monday's bedraggled spirit to the curb, where the miserable thing belongs.

The boots then led to the cape. I hadn't worn it until today. For one thing, the weather needed to be right--cool enough to need something light, warm enough that it could be slightly impractical. And a cape, no matter how cool it is, is impractical. My cape is exactly what it implies: long, down to my shins, complete with hood. It's black with burgundy at the edge. It's pretty bad ass, too. Did I mention I made it? Crocheted it over winter break. I obviously made it because I wanted a cape, but the aspect of wearing it out was one that made me slightly wary. It'd be perfect to wear to the Renaissance Festival, but outside of that context, it's a little, well, out of place. Eccentric, even. I needed to be in the right mood to shrug off the possibility of gaping stares. Today was that day. Armed with amazing boots, I donned my cape. It felt good. No wonder super heroes like the things.

Boots. Cape. Attitude.

Monday never had a chance.

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Simple Blog Writer said...


I happen to like Mondays, but boots boost my mood and attitude on other days. Yes, indeed. You say yours are bad-ass, and I call mine kick-ass. And ohhhh, yes to the buckles too.

Gotta get myself a cape.

Anonymous said...

Pics, plz.