Saturday, November 1, 2008

[Insert anguished sob here]

I have seen the future, dear readers, and it en't pretty. I didn't see Orwellian dystopias or other totalitarian regimes. What I saw is far worse, and there's no going back once you've seen such nightmares.

I shall never be able to erase that imagery of the brutally maimed English language from my mind. The wanton mutilation and perverse lack of regard for propriety were heart-rending. I fancied myself hearing, within those endless pages of tortured prose, the death cries of a language violated beyond recovery. Much as the experience appalled me, I could not look away, could not remove myself from the scene of the crime, could not...

In spite of some attempted resistance from some of us few brave souls, our fight, we learned, has been for aught. In the end, we were overtaken, forced to admit that our attempt at rebellion was only triage at best.

I truly hope I do not ever have to participate in remedial-level, department-wide writing assessment again.

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