Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cosmic concordance

I don't normally hold much store by horoscopes, but I skim across them from time to time, usually for a chuckle. It's a load of crap, I'd say, as a horoscope told me, in vague terms, that I should do something risky or would be lucky with romance or ought to invest time in valuable things.

Pfft. Complete and utter tripe, I said.

I stand corrected. Today's horoscope on Yahoo convinced that they must indeed have some secrets to my life.

After all, how could they know that I am in the throes of grading pain (soon to be over, but painful nonetheless)? I offer evidence:

How could they possibly know that grading makes me want to vacuum, dust, shoot, even do my ironing as avoidance tactics? It has to be more than coincidence.

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Tomorrow's horoscope says tomorrow I should be completely honest about how I feel. I'm giving back papers to two classes. I think they'll find the grades completely honest. Brutally so, some may say.

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