Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Counting down

There's nothing to cast a damper on one's spirit like a stack of composition essays. Two classes' worth of research papers left me staggering under their weight this evening. I only accept late papers (with penalty) a class session after the due date, so it may grow by a few papers by Thursday. In the meantime, my remedial kids' first forays into essay writing will hit my desk tomorrow with another few stragglers on Friday.

And yet, when I stopped to talk with the division secretary, she remarked that "It's four weeks to the end of the semester, and you're still smiling."

"Why do you think I'm smiling?" I responded.

I did tell my students as I eyed the stack, "There goes my weekend," and yes, it will be painful. But I shall overcome. I have not let work consume my entire life and every last shard of energy this semester, and I shall not in the last quarter.

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