Sunday, June 8, 2008

My surroundings. Let me show you them.

Here are the things I see to my right and to my left as I sit at my laptop. To the right is a scrap of paper and, though not pictured, no fewer than three pens. I almost went through and annotated what the different things mean, but it's more fun to let you guess. I will say the page includes a phone number (not pictured), song titles, a snippet of Thrice lyrics, numbers of favorite pictures from a given photo album, brief notes for an online conference, a couple Sunday Scribblings prompts, a couple of 50-point bonus possibilities in an old Scrabulous game (didn't use either word... still won), a couple doodles, one inexplicable series of words, and a noteworthy page number of a book no longer in my possession.

I have a magnetic poetry calendar on the wall to my left. The first day I put it up, I put together this little poem, if it can be called that. Though I have cobbled together and pulled apart other little verses since, this one has stayed up there, a reminder to myself.

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