Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Giving notice

The writing center is closed on Fridays during the summer. We are, however, experimenting with scheduling tutorials by appointment. Last summer's experiment in scheduled tutorials led me to decline the opportunity this year around; too many people ran late or called last minute to cancel.

Experienced Colleague lives close to campus, and she agreed to take one conference last week. It was a relatively early conference, but she was up and ready to go. She'd just gotten ready to step out the door when she got a call. The student was having car trouble and was trying to contact a ride.

She might be late, the student said. But, she could still possibly be early. Or maybe she wouldn't make it.

Yep, I think that covers all the bases.

Colleague wisely canceled the conference.

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sarah said...

We had scheduled conferences in the writing center at school when I worked as a tutor -- they still do actually. But I think you definitely summed it up perfectly.

By the way, Jhumpa Lahiri's new novel is called Unaccustomed Earth.

rebecca said...

yes, wisely :-)

abbagirl said...

ha ha! i should imagine she did so. LOL

p.s. my current fave muse song: "starship." :)