Friday, November 9, 2007

Wherein the Twit jumps on the meme bandwagon

I saw this shiny little thing floating around the blogosphere and had to try it out. (Yes, all the other kids were doing it, and yes, I'd jump off the bridge if they did, too, mom.)

According to this site, my blog's readability level is:
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My first response was indignation. After all, I have, like, an advanced degree, and this silly little thing says I write at, like, a high school level, you know? And that's just not cool, I mean, my reputation is at stake here, and, like, it could completely ruin my life. You just don't get it.

And then I removed the stick of self-importance from the orifice where I had it lodged, and realized that what I aim for is readability. It's a blog, for goodness' sake. I can write gloriously convoluted sentences as the occasion requires (and by "occasion" here, I mean "grad school"). But I wouldn't write like that the rest of the time. I'm pretty sure I blog like I talk--the style can range anywhere between flippant and silly to somewhat stilted or stuffy sounding, and then it can make a 180 degree turn.

And if that averages out to high school level, that's fine. After all, I spend a considerable chunk of time each week dealing with students fresh out of high school.

(Day 9 of Nablopomo... can you tell I'm tired and a little short on material here? I got a blog post out of a meme.)

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