Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's a word I'm quite fond of, serendipity. This is my 50th post, but I'm sure I've used the word serendipity a few times. It just trips off the tongue. And it may have something to do with my bookish childhood.

Simply defined, serendipity is making cool discoveries by accident. Observe.

One of my Sitemeter referrals prompted me to follow this search string:

From there, I stumbled across Redneck Mother's blog. From there, I followed a link she posted to Free Rice. Oh my god, that link is making it to the vices list. It's a vocab quiz of sorts, but with each word you get right, they donate ten grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. As you play, it adjusts to your skill level; the top level is 50--I keep stagnating at about 40 (not bad for someone who supposedly writes like a high schooler), but I'm trying to go further. It's nerdy fun, but for a good cause.

And I do feel I should qualify that as nerdy/geeky/whatever. My sister once laughed at me for spending a chunk of a Friday evening playing a game where you place the respective 50 states correctly on a map. Or a simple RPG called Maganic Wars. Hey, I keep myself amused pretty easily.


Cricket said...

One of my favorite books as a kid (still have it at home somewhere) was a little paperback thing called Serendipity. It had the cutest purple dinosaur on the front. Just a random fact. :)

Overeducated Twit said...

Cricket, I remember that book, too. For a while, I had quite a few of that author's books--the funny thing is, the pictures were a lot brighter and cooler in my imagination. Ah well.