Saturday, November 24, 2007

A travelogue of sorts.

Here, as promised, are the pictures from yesterday's adventure. Blast my not having my camera with me. These shady shots will have to suffice; they're the only tangible record I have of the exploration. It just means I'll have to go again to get better pictures. Until then, here's a mini-travelogue.

Let me take you on a journey. Start here. Which way would you choose? Please say right.

You chose right. Or correctly. Whatever. C'mon, keep moving. There's lots to see.

See? If you'd stayed on the paved path, you'd have missed this. Cool, huh? The trees were huge.

And you'd also have missed this. It's the closest thing we saw to a cave. The mud prohibited further investigation.

Watch your balance. The leaves under the water vaguely resemble rust.

What's this about being tired? Need a place to rest for a bit?

Clearly the art students have been here... There may have been a few goths among them.

Others have left their marks as well. I didn't. I was merely a passer-by.

And still others have made more permanent marks. Nature accommodates herself; she has to.

Finally, something gave us a hunch we should leave. So we did.

And thus ends an afternoon's excursion. I encourage you to find your own parks to explore. And for goodness' sake, get off the beaten path. It's OK to walk in the grass. Who knows what you may find.


Scrivener said...

Even without the good camera this travelogue was still fun to follow along with.

Shelly said...

Wonderful job you've done here! Of course, the camera doesn't show how much fun we had, but viewers can go to the trail virtually or in reality and choose their paths.
I'm still curious about the electric lines going to the cemetery....

jo(e) said...

What a cool series.