Saturday, September 29, 2007

All hail the king

For years now, I've been told that the Internet was a great democratizing force, an opportunity for everybody's voice to have equal weight. Apparently, I was wrong. We are a monarchy, complete with a king. A generous king, to be sure, but a king nonethless.

I've been a good subject of the blogosphere, toiling scribbling away in obscurity here, until, lo! King AD graced me with a link... I am humbled by the attention. I thought I was seeing things when I checked my Sitemeter this morning, but no--19 hits total for this week, then today: 34 (and counting!). It's a lot compared to an average of 2-3 hits per day.

Goodness, but if I'd known I was having company, I'd have tidied up a bit after last night's messy post. Regardless of where you're visiting from, you're welcome to pull up a seat and stick around. I haven't got much by way of furnishings (I've only moved in within the last couple months, y'see), but in time, there will be more. And if you're just passing through, maybe our paths will cross again someday.

Welcome, regardless.

1 comment:

Ambulance Driver said...

They'd be foolish and rude to not hang around and visit for a while, at least.

I enjoy your blog, and your comments on mine.