Wednesday, October 22, 2008

They say write what you know.

The university I teach at is located in a... rural area. For goodness' sakes, I drive an hour through (some admittedly lovely) relative emptiness to get there. And there are stereotypes about such places, oftentimes derogatory ones. There's some truth to them.

Each semester, I get at least one essay on two recurring topics:

Hunting (and the benefits thereof)


Football (see above).

The former I don't mind so much; I learn interesting things from those, whether it's different weapons and methods or even facts about the animals' survival instincts that help them avoid being dinner.

But the football essays just... Some of them are solid enough essays. They're clear, explanatory, and meet the criteria of the assignment. They all run together... Next semester, that's going on my "no-no" topics list.

On the topic of "writing what you know," I've decided to go for National Blog Posting Month in November. I made it last year, so I'm hoping to do so again with similar success. Wanna play along?

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Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to join you in your endeavors in National Blog Posting Month. I tried to do the whole Nanorimo (writing a novel in a month) thing to no avail. A post a day for 30 days? I can swing that.