Sunday, September 14, 2008

SS: Coffee

Though I am sporadic in following Sunday Scribblings prompts, I knew I simply could not pass up this week's prompt... for reasons which should be made amply clear momentarily.

I present a bit of whimsy, delivered in verse form.

I dearly need my coffee,
that potent morning brew--
it wakes me up and helps me
get done what I need to do.

It empowers me with its aroma;
its taste is rich and full.
Without it, I am exanimate,
and the world seems dank and dull.

It's a truth I will own up to,
and I won't hesitate to admit--
I may be fond of caffeine,
but I am every inch coffee's bitch.
Tentative titles included "Don't call it an addiction" or the more 19th-century-sounding "Reflections upon a weeklong separation from my dearest beverage."

...On second thought, perhaps "Coffee's Bitch" could do the trick.


B. Roan said...

I vote for Coffee Bitch. It's catchy, as is the poem. BJ

Lisa Sullivan said...

I join you in the ranks of "coffee bitch". Nice poem. Perfect for the topic!

Kisha said...

I agree, "coffee bitch" is a great title.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Yeah, Coffee's Bitch sounds cool.

tumblewords said...

Clever post!

susan said...


susan said...

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