Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Desultory thoughts


Grading a stack of quizzes and realizing yet again two things: 1) that group of students is still struggling to grasp basic concepts we've spent a week going over, and 2) they still do not know how to follow the freakin' directions. It's more #2 that's irritating, really. And I'm tired of conjunctions and sentence combining already.


I finished grading one class's set of papers this weekend. I also started revising a story and even scribbled out a silly bit of verse. Also, I made an awesome cake. Truth be told, it was the frosting I craved, but I had to convey it to my mouth somehow.

Not sure how to classify:

I got my evals from last fall, comprised of notes from an observation by a full-time faculty member (highly positive) and student evals (mostly positive). As usual, the one or two negative comments stuck with me. Unlike previous semesters, though, I read all the comments once through, registered the good ones, and was able to put them away and not dwell. Honestly, I had to laugh--the negative one was countered by another slightly less negative one complaining about the complete opposite. Also, the overall high evals from the students were probably explained by the penultimate question: apparently, 71% of them were expecting to make an A in my course. Needless to say...

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