Monday, February 18, 2008

Starry, starry night

It's been a strange day for weather today, beginning with snow--big, wet fluffy flakes in the morning that gave way to sunshine and slush in the afternoon. I don't know if we're in for more precipitation, but there are plenty of clouds still around indicating that may be the case.

I don't realize I'm doing it most of the time, but I have a habit, when I come home after dark, of looking up at the sky. I'm in one of my metropolis' numerous suburbs, far enough away from both the urban core and the suburbs' ubiquitous shopping centers that I can usually see the stars and spot the big dipper. It's cool, I think, to be able to live in a city and still see the stars.

It was disorienting tonight, though. I tipped my head back, eyes to the sky, caught a glimpse of the moon--moving rapidly across the sky. The moon, moving? The potential of it seemed, in the words of Cormac McCarthy, "calamitous beyond reckoning." That, and I think I need to set aside the post-apocalyptic science fiction for a while. I blinked, re-focused. Not the moon, the clouds. The clouds were moving like swift silver shadows across the deep blue velvet of sky. With my eye anchored to the moon, it stayed still. I looked away, looked back, unfocused, and again the moon moved alarmingly fast across the sky. The stars, too, swirling like glitter. I re-focused on the moon. It stayed still.

Amazing--a bit of focus and will and you can control the cosmos.

It's a cool optical illusion.

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