Friday, February 1, 2008

Multimedia Friday: Dane Cook

I was searching for something amusing the other night, which prompted me to search for Dane Cook videos on Youtube. Ah yes, that did the job. Man's hysterical. He's a bit over the top by spells, and some may find his language coarse, but the man's a performer and he comments on a lot of things we all recognize: the old-school Kool-Aid commercials, the creepy guy at work, the DMV... He takes potshots at atheists and Catholic Mass. And I suppose it would be utterly classless for me to admit that I found this pretty funny. Well, I did.

But his brain ninja skit took the cake. Here's why women win fights, according to Dane Cook:

. . . Blogging's been a bit off lately. I've been a bit off lately. Hope to be back on course again soon. Bear with me.

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