Monday, October 22, 2007

Site statistics are fascinating.

Hey, I may be reaching the rank of real blogger. For a while, the only search strings that led to this humble blog were "overeducated ambulance driver" (check the blog roll...), "overeducated twit," "overeducated," and "overeducatedtwit"--in that order. Hardly original or serendipitous.

I've got new ones to add to the list--ironically, one search string is "not all who wander are lost," through a Google blog search. It places me in the company of travel and evangelical Christian/ministry blogs. Kinda funny how the Internet re-defines proximity.

Then, thanks to this post, someone found my blog by searching for "will-o-wisp," which is cool, but I suspect not what they were looking for. Hey, will-o-wisps are misleading, though.

But this one takes the cake:

Well, shit, it's the top hit in the search results.

*sigh* I hope I don't regret that post.

1 comment:

William the Coroner said...

Could you tell me how to do that? I don't even know who links to me.

William the Coroner