Saturday, October 13, 2007

One last huzzah

Next week will probably be the week I begin to (ha!) spiral into a cycle of stress, self-loathing, and self-pity as I pick up with the fourth course. But that's not 'til Monday. This is a weekend for revelry and gathering with friends and family.

It's off to a lovely start. From about the time I fell asleep (3 a.m.) to the time I got up (7-ish), it's been storming off and on--mostly on. I love a good thunderstorm--the rain, the thunder--the dramatics in the sky. A breakfast of PBJ and coffee (yes, that's balanced...) will tide me over until brunch with my family and perhaps a few close friends.

Said friends and I will get together, and all sense of decorum will be lost as our conversations veer from one inside joke to another naughty pun, right back to the inside jokes again. Oh, we'll be laughing our fool heads off, but unless you were there for our once-eventful midnight Monopoly game a year ago, you have no chance of understanding. None whatsoever. It sounds like lunacy to the untrained ear... Uh, moving on...

I'll be completely wiped out tonight and will probably be able to sleep for once sometime before 2 a.m., leaving me refreshed for tomorrow. The forecast is clear and beautiful, perfect for an outing with my sister to the renaissance festival, on its last day of the season. We'll wander around, probably purchase a few minor overpriced knickknacks, maybe buy a turkey leg like she's been nagging me for, and generally have a rousing good time.

Then I go home to grading and finishing prepping for Monday's classes. The rest of the semester will be a doozy. There are new names to memorize, more grading to add to the stack, more students who will inevitably disappoint me, and a few who will exceed my expectations. But that's not here yet.

Now, it's time for one last huzzah.

Right now, this minute, today, life is good.

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