Sunday, December 5, 2010


You've probably already figured it out, but I think it's time to officially say this blog is on an indefinite break. I always hesitated to say so before because, inevitably, as soon as I vowed to take a break, I'd think of something else to say. This time, I think, I can safely make the call.

I'll still be around. I tweet in the meantime and follow a handful of blogs via my reader. And you're certainly welcome to comment on old entries; I'll still get those and try to respond :).


Wozza said...

Enjoy your break! You now find me working in the Middle East - the UAE to be precise. I'm back in a school environment - I have the best of both worlds - advising the Principal and staff but not having the daily grind of teaching which is high energy territory. Anyway - until you feel the urge again (and I bet you do - tweets aren't nourishing enuf) - take care!

Overeducated Twit said...

Wow, that's quite a change! I've heard the UAE is gorgeous though (and your pics seem to indicate that!) and one of the more Western-friendly places to be in the Middle East.

And aye, I'll probably get back to blogging eventually. Just have a lot of life stuff to work out and unlike most millennials don't particularly want to air it for the world to see :).

Wozza said...

Fair enough - and for what it's worth I always keep in mind Lennon's quote that "life is what is happening when you're busy making other plans".

It's a great lifestyle here - I really enjoy engaging with the islamic world. The teachers here are very keen and extremely funny!!

I will keep your blog on my watch list in the hope that things work out for you (they always do) and you return to the blosphere revived. Take care.