Sunday, August 15, 2010

I bet there's a market for this...

...she says, straggling in a month and a half after her last post. Life's been a bit... uh, frustrating as of late, and I really try to keep the bulk of that off of ye olde blog.


Dear Hallmark,

I know I have often bashed the outright sentimentality of your cards. I think I've found an opportunity for you to redeem yourself. You see, I have amazing friends. But I don't want a sappy, sentimental, "you make my life more meaningful and make me feel all beautiful inside" sort of message. It's just not me, and frankly, half of my friends would be right there with me in deriding the maudlin tone.

No, what I need for my friends is a batch of "thanks for the bitch session" cards. Moreover, I'm pretty sure you could get a nice little niche market with that sentiment. Think sharp, smart, sassy sort of tone--grateful, but not nauseatingly so.

When you come out with these, let me know.

The Twit

P.S. Ya know what? Screw that. I'll just make them myself 'cause I'm crafty like that.

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