Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things I learned last night

  • It's not a real party unless a late-straggler climbs in the window.
  • On a related note, vehicles passing by will stop or slow down to watch the spectacle.
  • Hospitality is letting your guests know you cooked your "baby" just for them.
  • There aren't levels of heresy, just different types.
  • It is possible to run into people off-line who are familiar with and adore XKCD.
  • The moment one half of a married couple mock-strangles his/her spouse, out comes the camera.
  • As soon as one person mentions "nudism," the noise will drop to a lull as everyone pauses the various side conversations to listen.
  • A conversation that begins with nudism eventually transitions to "boobs." That said, the conversation needn't devolve into fifth-grade-boy chortles, amazingly enough.
  • Also amazingly, it is still possible to be in a room full of people and have only one person with Internet on his phone.
  • Finally, showing up in a cape is a sure-fire conversation piece.

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danny said...

And if they don't know about xkcd, they'll love you forever after you introduce them.