Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'Tis the season

I generally watch two places when I'm out on my beloved walking trail: the foliage and trees, and the ground. The former offers a constantly changing backdrop to the walk, depending on the season--now, the nuts and berries are showing themselves, and the Virginia creeper is turning a splendid red. And the ground is just a good place to keep an eye on whenever a person is upright, y'know?

However, since autumn is now here, I most frequently found myself keeping vigilance in another direction: up.

Let's just say my reason has something to do with a recent Traumatic Experience involving Eight-Legged Carnivores (so traumatic, indeed, that it warrants capital letters. Yeah, that bad; also, click that link at your own risk). No incidents this time, save a large buzzing insect that threatened to dive bomb into my head. I credit the lack of web ensnarement tonight to my constant vigilance.

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gs batty said...

along came a spider and what a beautiful was he (or she)...great photo
should have you come and take a picture of the Black Widow spinning a web in my window.

Overeducated Twit said...

Thanks for visiting (and commenting!). Alas, I did not take that picture--I googled orb spiders to find it. *shudder* As an arachnophobic, I did not enjoy that web search :).

instinct said...

You need to get the sword 'Sting' and carry it with you. Perfect defense against the eight legged freaks.

And now I have totally marked myself as a Lord of the Rings nut.