Monday, April 13, 2009

Morning routine

I had my oatmeal ready to go, with its flaxseed and raisins and brown sugar stirred in. I had my coffee mug filled, with my El Slavador blend of coffee, black, just the way I like it. Everything was in its place as I sat down to the table.

Or was it? Something was missing, a niggling sense that the routine wasn't quite complete.

And then the cat emerged from wherever she'd been hiding to begin her morning routine, weaving around my chair legs, purring and chirping, butting her head against my outstretched hand. When I neglected my humanly duties, she put one front paw up on the arm of the chair, the other batting at my arm, a message that said, with a clear accompanying chirp, "Here I am. Why are you not worshiping? Hel-looo!"

Much better. My morning breakfast routine was complete.


abbagirl said...

ha ha! this is a cute post. :)

this actually happens to me, too -- but at the end of the day. there are times when i sit down to eat my dinner, and my dog is eagerly on her hind legs begging for scraps, and i think, "hmm. this feels wrong . . . " and then it hits me.

i usually feed her FIRST. she eats her food before i eat mine!


Overeducated Twit said...

Spoiled? No, I don't know what that means...