Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've a habit of starting ten projects at once and finishing few of them in a timely manner. However, I have actually been finishing things on break. I sold off all the scarves I was crocheting, or else I'd post them here to show off.

Lemme show you my bag instead.

It came out a little differently than planned, but I'm pleased nonetheless. I used the pattern for Inga's bag, but made a few adjustments: I used Hobby Lobby's Love This Yarn in a striping pattern. I was running very short on the color I was using by the time I got to the handle and edging, so I made a spontaneous decision to hit my grandma up for some similar yarn (what an ungrateful granddaughter I am :D), and that's the slightly lighter blue on the handle and along the edge. I also made the handle a little wider and a little longer, and with the help of my visiting crafty aunt, lined it in navy blue fabric for added sturdiness. Total, it took me two skeins, working out to a bit over five bucks for materials. Note, though, that I extended the yarn I had in the handle, and I also used some blue scrap yarn I had on hand for the joining of the squares; if you want to go for this in all one color, it'd probably be best to grab three skeins. The fabric was also scrap, so no cost there, really.

I've no intention of being a '50s housewife, but I value being able to make things that are both functional and fun and perhaps even thrifty in the process.

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Tab Calhoun said...

Very cool. It's a great pattern.

Good idea about lining the strap for sturdiness. Such a clever girl.

Have fun using it!